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Current Cases

See the Cases the Advocate Supports!

For years, General Counsel and President Carol Crosson has advocated for those whose rights are threatened. She continues to do so for Rights and Freedoms Advocate. 

These are the cases the Advocate is supporting right now all across Canada.

In December of 2021, Francis Widdowson was terminated from her position as a tenured professor in the Department of Economics, Justice and Policy Studies at Mount Royal University (MRU) for criticizing “woke” ideas.

Rights and Freedoms Advocate is now supporting Francis Widdowson’s fight for academic freedom and free speech.



Rights and Freedoms Advocate is supporting representation for medical professionals in Canada who are under threat from their colleges for treating COVID-19 reasonably and professionally, as well as for those who questioned COVID-19 policies and are under investigation on that basis. 

Rights and Freedoms Advocate is supporting representation for a student who has spoken out at his post-secondary institution in order to encourage civil discourse on racial matters.

Now the University is backing down after his lawyers have taken a number of assertive actions against the University on his behalf. 

Lecture hall seats

Image by Nadine Shaabana

Emanuel v. Ryerson Students’ Union et al was in a preliminary hearing before the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario.

Emanuel, a survivor of sexual trauma, is a woman of colour with a medical disability. What raw irony - the very campus offering “equity services” has discriminated against the recipient of those services


Vancouver street preacher Steven Brown was charged with mischief and causing a disturbance for simply continuing to share a Biblical message on Vancouver streets. The Advocate is supporting Steven in defending against these charges. Steven Brown goes to trial Dec 12-15 after his lawyers have discovered that Steven Brown was set up and his prosecution has engaged in misconduct. 



In the case of Zaki v University of Manitoba, the Advocate is supporting Rafael Zaki, a medical student who was expelled the first time from the College of Medicine because when other students anonymously complained about him sharing his beliefs on social media, he refused to recant those beliefs. Zaki then went to court and won and the matter was sent back for a new university hearing. Zaki is now back in court after  being expelled again. Mr. Zaki alleges in his new court documents that the committee that expelled him for the second time misrepresented what happened at his university hearing and expelled him on the basis of that misrepresentation. 

In the case of Toronto Right to Life Association v. Canada, the Advocate is supporting a charity whose purpose is to support sanctity of life when the government rejected its application for summer student job funding because it would not swear to the Liberal government’s attestation in support of abortion. We are currently waiting to go to court but the government lawyers are now claiming the matter is moot, after waiting five years to get there.

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