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Have You Had Enough Yet?

The Fight to Retain our Rights and Freedoms

You now have the opportunity to walk alongside those who have been willing to face the government and go to court to fight for our Charter rights and freedoms.

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Previous court decisions have stated it this way:


"Freedom can be primarily characterized by the absence of coercion or constraint. If a person is compelled by the state or the will of another to a course of action or inaction which he would not otherwise have chosen, he is not acting of his own volition, and he cannot be said to be truly free."

R. v. Big M Drug Mart Ltd., [1985] 1 SCR 295


Our courts have said that “Liberty in this (expression) is little less vital to man's mind and spirit than breathing is to his physical existence.” Yet, many across the country are experiencing persecution simply because their messages are deemed unacceptable.

Switzman v. Elbling, [1957] SCR 285

Constitutional freedoms are as essential to us as breathing!


In the simplest terms:

  • We’re all alarmed by Government incursions on rights and freedoms

  • We’ve seen how Government funded media is being used to oppose what any clear-thinking Canadian knows to be true.

  • Funding constitutional challenges can cost a few thousand dollars to a few hundred thousand dollars.

  • Rights and Freedoms Advocate secures lawyers across Canada who are passionate about the state of our rights and freedoms and are willing to work at charity rates.

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Rights and Freedoms Advocate is a registered charity created to support people who have had their Charter rights violated and have seen the need to stand and oppose the government. We call them People of Principle or Heroes because they have, sometimes with great fear, worked up the courage to fight the government in the courts.


When they win, you win and so does every other Canadian. You and I then retain the rights and freedoms guaranteed by our Charter.


If they decide not to fight because they don’t have the money, you lose and so does every other Canadian.

Invest In The Fight For Freedom


Individuals who have seen the erosion of our rights and challenged government need financial support. 


This is where you and I come in.


Rarely does the average person have the kind of resources needed to fund a constitutional case.  The government does, and it is willing to spend your hard-earned tax dollars to push an ideology.


Together we can raise the funds needed to face government in court and create a level playing field.


A government that uses your tax dollars to unfairly take away a person’s constitutional freedoms must be challenged and a highly effective way to do that is to push back legally. 


Your one-time donation or monthly donation goes to pay for legal costs, allowing our Heroes to stand against an oppressive government. So, you and I and our children and their children – can breathe, because our freedoms are as essential to us as breathing.

Invest In The Fight For Freedom

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When a person who has been wronged by government contacts Rights and Freedoms Advocate, we review what has happened to them. If we are able to take the case, we bring together a team of lawyers who are willing to work at charity rates, to fight for their freedoms.


Rights and Freedoms Advocate then assists with the legal and financial resources to fund the considerable volume of work required to take government to court.



Rights and Freedoms Advocate has supported many precedent setting cases across Canada. 


These decisions have forced government to correct its behavior, restoring constitutional freedoms to our beneficiaries, and in turn to you and me.


These cases strengthen our Constitution, bringing clarity to our courts, ensuring our rights are protected.


However, “winning” doesn’t just mean winning a court ruling. It means changing our culture by pushing back on government and other authorities who attempt to limit our freedoms. Every time an individual stands up by either saying “no,” sending a demand letter, or making a court claim, WE WIN. PUSHBACK is success! It makes government think again, reigning it in and making it harder to trample your rights.


We win when we win in court, but we also win when we fight. We change our culture when we fight. Let’s fight together.

Don't Wait, Invest In The Fight For Freedom

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