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Rights and Freedoms Advocate is a charity devoted to defending the rights and freedoms of all Canadians, including the rights to freedom of religion and freedom of expression, by representing individuals and groups in defending them against government and other authorities who are threatening those rights. 


Statue Of Lady Justice 

For some time, Canadians have been experiencing threats to their fundamental freedoms as they are increasingly restricted and punished for sharing opinions and beliefs deemed by some to be “politically incorrect” or “controversial.” The founders of the Advocate believe that Canadians can be more active in opposing this societal erosion and should now rise up and fight to restore these principles to our nation. 

While authorities may communicate a message in support of diversity and pluralism, the reality on the ground can often be the opposite. Those who share the “wrong” beliefs and opinions are restricted and punished because they do not share “approved” messages. They are also squeezed out of the marketplace and public square. 


The mission of Rights and Freedoms Advocate is to oppose this trajectory, to instead support respect for civil debate and discussion by defending those suffering intolerance for their deeply held beliefs and opinions. We believe that this mission will encourage a healthy society for us and our children. 

We draw our inspiration from this ancient text, He “watches and is appalled, for there is no justice. He sees there is no advocate…."

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