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Important Update:

An open letter to Premier Danielle Smith from more than 1,600 health professionals and other concerned Albertans is calling out Alberta Health Services (AHS) leadership saying they "mismanaged the pandemic" with an "abhorrent abuse of authority." 

The letter — signed by more than 367 healthcare professionals, 46 frontline workers, and 1,213 other concerned Alberta residents — was sent to Smith on Wednesday by Airdrie Lawyer Carol Crosson of Crosson Constitutional Law.

It begins by congratulating Smith on her leadership win and applauds her for her public statements "about the state of [AHS] management and their questionable policies during the pandemic." 


Government of Alberta. "Danielle Smith sworn in as Premier of Alberta | Danielle Smi… | Flickr" Flickr, 11 Oct. 2022, Accessed 18 Nov. 2022.

Stay informed on important news and cases about
your rights and freedoms. 

Rights and Freedoms Advocate is a charity dedicated to providing legal representation to those whose rights and freedoms are threatened.



If it is important to you that individuals have the right to freedom of expression so they can share their opinions openly, the Advocate
is for you.


If it is important to you that individuals have the right to freedom of religion, so they can hold and disseminate their beliefs, the Advocate is for you.


If it is important to you that individuals are not punished in workplaces or on college campuses because they share “incorrect” beliefs or opinions, the Advocate is for you.


If it is important to you that government is prohibited from compelling your speech, telling you what you can and cannot say, the Advocate is for you.


Our mission is to advocate for people of principle who are threatened with breaches to their rights and freedoms. 

Our courts have said that, “Liberty in this (expression) is little less vital to man's mind and spirit than breathing is to his physical existence.” Yet, many across the country are experiencing persecution simply because their messages are deemed unacceptable.


Switzman v. Elbling, [1957] SCR 285

"Freedom can be primarily characterized by the absence of coercion or constraint. If a person is compelled by the state or the will of another to a course of action or inaction which he would not otherwise have chosen, he is not acting of his own volition and he cannot be said to be truly free."


R. v. Big M Drug Mart Ltd., [1985] 1 SCR 295


“A state of society where men may not speak their minds cannot long endure.”
- Winston Churchill.

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